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About us,


After many years of renting cars and bikes all over Thailand and driving around on badly maintained vehicles and constantly questioning if i would see my deposit or passport back again. And spending the first half hour franticly looking for a gas station because the vehicle came with 5 drops of petrol and many many more experiences like this, we decided there must be a better way to do this.


When u rent a vehicle on holiday it should be a pleasant experience, the start of an adventure the feeling of freedom, and that is what we try to facilitate at J&D Car and Motorbike rentals.


We try to do things the right way, by making sure all of our vehicles are in perfect working order so u can enjoy your time with them, instead of worrying if u will make it to your destination.


Our cars are all top models in perfect condition  with actuall first class rental insurance a full tank and a selection of western music ( so u dont need to lissen to Thai radio for a week). we also supply a small care package with essentials like toilet paper and bug spray that might come in handy on your travels.


Also our Motorbikes all come with a full tank of gas and in perfect working condition.


And with this formula we are growing to become Burirams foremost Car and Motorbike rental business, we are so thankful for all the support and positive reviews and feedback from our customers we can not thank them enough.

And we hope to see you soon at J&D Car and Motorbike Rentals

Peace of mind
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J&D Car and Motorbike rental, only works with new model motorbikes & cars that are kept in perfect condition. that will give you the confidence to go on the adventures you want.

J&D Car and Motorbike rental, offers both short and long term renting options, and always for the best price.

J&D Car and Motorbike rental, is conveniently located at the front of the Buriram Bus terminal, right in the city center so easy accesible from all hotels.

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